a reason to crush on Jake Gyllenhaal

I caught an interview with Jake Gyllenhaal today. He said something that totally sparked a crush. Talk about a hot guy reading.

Terry Gross: So apparently once you got that role in City Slickers you wanted to act more. You auditioned for other roles and your parents let you audition but, they wouldn't let you actually take a job if you got the part. What was the philosophy behind that?
Jake Gyllenhaal: They believed in education over everything else. And they said 'You know, you're about to start junior high school. It's a really - really important time in your life  though you probably can't see that now, and we believe that you need to go to school.' And i thank them so much for that. because, 
TG: Because?
JG: Well it only gave me more drive. It only made me say 'When I get older I'm really going to try and do this because I really like doing it.' And because I have an education. Because when I read a screenplay or when I read a book or there's something that I want to make into a story I have had the pirivlege of reading the great books, and reading the great minds, and using my own mind to interpret them. And because of that it's given me an opportunity to find and believe in projects like Nightcrawler. Or Southpaw, where I say 'I've seen this story but how can we do it differently?'.

Okay first of all - he was in City Slickers? I try to picture the kid who played the son in that movie and all I'm seeing is the boy who played Robin Williams' son in Hook. And then there is adorable Joseph Gordon Levitt in Angels in the Outfield. Anyway, the point is - an educated [bearded] man = super attractive.