Jody: Hi again. Did anyone click on the user that posted the Video That Started It All? OMG.


Candice: No I did not. Oh my god, Hiddleston Daily? Um, Ari may never get anything done for weeks

Candice: Also worth noting, even if you've seen it before: 
hashtag paul rudd

Candice: P.S. the good stuff is the first couple minutes of the vid. and then again starting at minute 3:45


Jody: You know...he's kind of short in real life. And he looks kinda old in HD. And that suit doesn't fit him as well as it could. He just moved a few spots down.

HAHA so Candice is basically saying fast-forward through Jimmy.

PS our kids won't know what we mean when we tell them to fast-forward through something.


Alison: This is. Just. I. Just. What?


Jody: This is weird. Girls are weird. This reminds me of the kind of stuff my (legendarily boy-crazy) cousin finds endearing but I find creepy.

Jody: OK you know what I really like watching him swing a pillow

... five hours later ...

Candice: All it means to have the internet back is we're reconnected to this


Jody: I could watch this all day. I might.


Ari: I will.


Jody: Why yes I'm watching this while holding a large chunk of hair in front of my face to hide my goofy-ass 12-year-old smile. NO I DONT LIKE HIM SHUT UP