Jody: Hi again. Did anyone click on the user that posted the Video That Started It All? OMG.


Candice: No I did not. Oh my god, Hiddleston Daily? Um, Ari may never get anything done for weeks

Candice: Also worth noting, even if you've seen it before: 
hashtag paul rudd

Candice: P.S. the good stuff is the first couple minutes of the vid. and then again starting at minute 3:45


Jody: You know...he's kind of short in real life. And he looks kinda old in HD. And that suit doesn't fit him as well as it could. He just moved a few spots down.

HAHA so Candice is basically saying fast-forward through Jimmy.

PS our kids won't know what we mean when we tell them to fast-forward through something.


Alison: This is. Just. I. Just. What?


Jody: This is weird. Girls are weird. This reminds me of the kind of stuff my (legendarily boy-crazy) cousin finds endearing but I find creepy.

Jody: OK you know what I really like watching him swing a pillow

... five hours later ...

Candice: All it means to have the internet back is we're reconnected to this


Jody: I could watch this all day. I might.


Ari: I will.


Jody: Why yes I'm watching this while holding a large chunk of hair in front of my face to hide my goofy-ass 12-year-old smile. NO I DONT LIKE HIM SHUT UP

Jody: FOUND IT. I was trying to think of various non-pervy ways to Google this but I could only get so far.

Buzzfeed|Can you get through this post without needing a moment?

You're welcome ladies.
PS OMG how could I forget Michael Fassbender?

Alison: I'm doing some advanced window subterfuge to enjoy this Buzzfeed list.

Jody: I should add Chris Evans and Chris Pine to my list, but ONLY as Cap/Kirk. I have a pretty serious man-in-uniform thing. Doesn't really matter what kind of uniform.
I am glad we are having this very important conversation before Alison leaves.

Candice: Ope. Jody thanks for reminding me of one of my favorite movies, and another reason/place where I liked Billy Zane. Sorry guys we're back to him. 

(Men and women just look way more stylish from 1950s back. Le sigh.)


Alison: I'm on board with Chris Pine, but for some reason Chris Evans I'm indifferent towards. I think it's that his face is too perfect.

I forgot about Matthew Goode. 


Jody: Thank you so much for this. WWII-era is my favorite man-in-uniform era.


Candice: I'm the reverse Alison, I'm on board for Chris Evans but not as much Chris Pine - even as Capt. Kirk. 

Oh. Karl Urban is always on my list, btw. 
You'd never tell because he always sounds "American" in the movies he's in, and does a perfect version of Leonard McCoy for the Star Trek movies, but Karl Urban (a.k.a. leader of the Rohirrim) is a Kiwi. 

Also it's great because he definitely started out like this

And since I don't want to leave you with that...

Okay really I'll stop now.


Jody: Never stop. Especially with that last picture. I have it positioned on my screen so it's just his jawline and meaty bicep at the moment and I'm super OK with that.

And on the Evans/Pine debate here is what I accidentally replied only to Alison:

"Yes! In every other respect, he (and Pine) are like "Eh..." they're so perfect they elicit no response from me. But in those stringent, structured uniforms that force a swagger...

It's like the opposite for me with Jon Hamm. As Don Draper he's so good looking it's boring, but IRL goddamn."


Alison: commence battle of the #sexyface:

Jody: I'm voting Urban on this one, though I have no problem with either.

Alison: Karl Urban's got like the intense gaze, whereas Tom Hiddleston has got like the pouty puppy eyes.

Alice: I'd like to humbly submit two additional candidates to this sexy free-for-all:

(If the gif doesn't display, click here. Trust me, you want to see this gif.)

Also Matthew Goode. (Yeah, Alison, I see you, girl.)

Been so in love with him ever since A Single Man.

Jody: 'Pouty puppy eyes' just sounds to me like a whole lot of drama. Karl Urban looks nice and...low-maintenance.

OMG I need to get back to work.

Candice: Wow, that Matthew Goode. Cutie. 
Oh Cumberbatch, just read me stories.

Jody: Jesus how did we get up to 36 messages? Hahaha. I love all of you. (And you, Benedict Cumberbatch. Wink.)

Alison: I feel that my crushing on Matthew Goode AND Tom Hiddleston is somehow redundant.

Candice: This is actually one of my fave casts of gorgeous people. And Angel Coulby is my actress crush.



Jody: Alison, don't think of it as being redundant. Think of it as more to love. Maybe. One day.

I know y'all are ambivalent on Jon Hamm but I haven't contributed any photos yet. I marveled at this one for an inappropriately long time last week

Candice: It would be a mistake to be ambivalent about Jon Hamm. Speaking of, I totally want to see him in the movie that's out now, Million Dollar Arm

That photo is great - so much going on but there's only one thing you really pay attention to. And it's not the guy in the background.


Ari: Well fine, if everyone else is doing it... 
This is my new bf Pedro Pascal

And my lover on the side... 

Annnnnnd how could I POSSIBLY FORGET my true soulmate Jon Snow

Jody: WHO ARE YOU, Pedro Pascal?

And who's the guy in the middle?

Candice: Yes, who is Señor Peter?
Mr handsome in the middle is of course from Game of Thrones.
Ari, are they all from GoT?

Jody: From the Baby-Faced Department...

Officer Bennett (don't know his real name but I guess it doesn't matter) from OINTB...

And the dude from Catfish. Katherine laughed in my face for this one a while back. Which is understandable. In the original film you get a clear shot of his GOD AWFUL back tattoo. BACK. TATTOO.


Jody: I'm thinking at this point we should have a calendar printed for GirlTown.


Alison: Omg how did I leave out Jon Snow for so long? I'm ridiculous.

I dedicate this picture to Alice:


Alice: Ahhh thanks Alison! Y'all won't believe this, but I actually made a large pastel portrait of that very picture... My girlfriend still takes every opportunity to tease me about that. x_x


Jody: Bring it in. Hang it over your desk.


Alison: Just reread all these. It's like a bedtime story.



Billy Zane

Jody:  Billy Zane is an essential '90s hunk. Though all of a sudden I can't recall what he looks brain keeps subbing in Mark Ruffalo's face instead.



Alice: Omg, Jody, I just saw your pic. Fix it quick!!!!


Ah, that's better. To me, he's always Cal the total dickwad in Titanic, lol.